About Me


Welcome! My name is Christina Tanios and I am dedicated to helping others live the lives they have always dreamed of. When was the last time you had an hour to talk to someone about your health and wellness goals? As a Board Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I have been trained in the art of listening. I am here to help you be your happiest, healthiest, most successful self – whatever that looks like for you. I received my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I fell in love with everything I already knew: food is not the only thing that feeds us. When we work together, I will get to the root of what’s causing your illness, fatigue, and frustration. Is your career draining you? Is stress in your relationships causing you to overeat? Are you lonely? I will help you peel away the layers of what’s really hurting you.

What makes me so passionate about what I do? I’ve had a long journey with health. As a young girl and a teenager, I was obsessed with being thin. I got to the point where I was hardly eating. I knew something needed to change when I ate half a banana and drank some water and felt full. I didn’t know how to heal, but I slowly ate more and more foods and eventually, I got to a healthy weight and I learned to love my body with all of its curves. I used to look in the mirror and wish I didn’t have hips and thighs; I wanted to be thin. I sucked in my stomach until my friend swore my stomach caved inward. I was a size 4 wishing I would be a size 2. Now I love my body with all of its beautiful curves. I celebrate my womanhood.

As the years went on, even though I continued to love my body, I gained more weight than I needed to. I may have enjoyed some of my favorite foods a little too much. I had a stressful job and I knew that I needed to make some more changes to my diet and lifestyle, but I struggled with the fact that I needed to lose weight. Did this somehow mean that I loved myself less? Would I develop an eating disorder if I tried to get down to a healthy weight? I discovered a new way of eating and living that worked for me. I ate whole foods and ditched the processed foods. I tried hard to stay away from the numbers on the scale. I did yoga. I cooked. I celebrated life. And eventually the extra weight came off. Here I am, years later, thirty pounds lighter, and I am so proud of myself. I didn’t go on a diet or starve myself. I learned a way of eating and staying active that’s right for me. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full – something that took me years to master. I want to help you heal, too.

These days, I’m working on quieting down the chatter in my mind. Meditating is my new favorite thing to do. It has saved me from all the thoughts that run around in my head. I want to help you find something that grounds you and keeps you calm, too. I quit a job that was toxic for me and went to nutrition school and swore I’d help people turn their lives around. I want to help you heal. I believe in the mind, body, spirit connection: we need to be mentally sound, physically fit, and spiritually awakened. I’ve helped everyone from adults and children who were addicted to junk food to people who were eating all the right foods, but still not nourishing themselves. What’s missing from your life? Why are you so tired and frustrated? I am here to help you answer all of your questions. Trust me, you can be healthy and happy.

Tell me more about yourself and your wellness goals in your free initial consultation. That’s right. You get 50 minutes to talk to me all about what’s really going on and it won’t cost you anything – but you’ll gain a whole lot – I promise. You will love the person you will become after we work together. So, what are you waiting for? Come have the life of your dreams!

YourJourneyAwaits{Your Journey Awaits}