Wow! Watch This 77-Year-Old Grandmother Lift Weights

Willie Murphy is a 77-year-old grandmother who is impressing everyone at the Maplewood YMCA in Rochester, NY - and beyond! Her strength, determination, and workout ethic are to be admired. She's certainly giving us all hope that we'll be as fit as she is when we're her age! She's five feet tall, 105 pounds, and can deadlift more than twice her … [Continue reading]

Renew, Refresh, and Revitalize Your Life with a Spring Cleanse!

{Photo taken at the Larchmont Farmers' Market - these berries are always delicious!} Since spring is just around the corner (March 20th to be exact!), now is a great time to do some spring cleaning. Here are some areas of my life that I enjoy organizing, lightening, and cleansing during the spring season. My Home I enjoy going through my … [Continue reading]

The Best Vegan Chili!

A few nights ago, I was thinking that I really wanted to make a batch of vegan chili. I didn't look up any recipes, but I knew that I had a few key ingredients at home that I could throw together. I have made some truly delicious food in my day, but even I could not have predicted how much I would love this new chili recipe! It's amazing! I've made … [Continue reading]

Show Your Heart You Care

February is American Heart Month! Since heart disease remains the #1 killer in America, it's imperative that we all learn how to protect our hearts by making simple, lasting lifestyle changes that can save our lives. A plant-based diet has been shown to treat and even reverse heart disease in adults and children alike. If you need help … [Continue reading]

S.W. Basics Body Scrub – A Must Have Exfoliator!

If you've been looking for an exfoliator that'll leave your skin feeling soft and looking beautiful, you'll want to try S.W. Basics Body Scrub ($22). This is my absolute favorite way to exfoliate my face and skin. In the past, the exfoliators that I used were harsh, and not only were they rough on my face, but they also didn't leave my skin feeling … [Continue reading]

Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner; as we gather with friends and family, let's remember to be grateful for all of the wonderful blessings that we have in our lives. The holidays are a great time to appreciate everything that we have in life. And of course they're also the perfect time to enjoy lots of delicious food together! Here are some of … [Continue reading]

Spicy Chana Masala

I came across this recipe on Happy Herbivore's page and I wanted to give it a try. I'm so happy I did, because it's delicious! I was limited on time, but next time I make this I'm going to add organic carrots and organic potatoes (not entirely traditional, but I think they'll make this dish even yummier :). I will also add a bit of roasted jalapeno … [Continue reading]

Are You Addicted to Sugar?

I love giving workshops and presentations because I get to share helpful information on how to truly lead a healthy lifestyle. I often make samples of #vegan food for people to try. I share research and scientific evidence that shows the many health benefits of switching to a plant-based diet. Some people will pay for a cleanse, detox, 1 month … [Continue reading]

Ebola or Heart Disease: What’s Really Killing Americans?

I've been meaning to share this episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, even though I'm sure most of you have already seen it. I've got terrible timing, as I know that Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola in the US recently. I don't mean to trivialize his death at all (and I really mean that), but I don't want us to lose perspective here. The fact … [Continue reading]

My Homemade Salsa

   {It was super sunny outside when I took this picture, so please excuse all of the shadows!} One of my favorite things to eat is fresh salsa. I've been making it for so long that I've grown accustomed to adding spicy, delicious, fresh salsa to my vegetables, whole grains, burrito bowls, and more. My friends and family love this recipe as well. … [Continue reading]