Delicious Vegan Salad


Salads are definitely one of my go-to meals, especially when it’s nice and sunny and I could use a refreshing treat. I do think that having a large bowl of salad for lunch and/or dinner is part of maintaining a healthy diet. This salad is super yummy and I honestly can’t get enough of it. Also, salads are ridiculously easy to put together and they require little prep time, which is exactly what I need – and I’m sure what you all would like as well!


Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free

Organic baby kale

Organic broccoli and carrot slaw (I pick this up from Trader Joe’s)

Organic cherry tomatoes

Organic cucumbers

Snap peas

Jalapeno slices (not pictured here, but I like to throw them in my salads every once in a while)

To add protein to this salad or any of your salads, I recommend adding organic black beans – they’re delicious!


Wash all of the ingredients, chop up the cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, toss with a healthy dressing and enjoy! I use an oil and sugar-free dressing from the farmers’ market – it’s amazing! Enjoy 🙂