Vegan Sushi


I made sushi at home and was surprised with how easy it was to put together. I picked up nori sheets from Whole Foods and I used the brown rice that I normally use when I make dinner; I added a few vegetables and made a vegan spicy mayo sauce to dip my sushi in and voilà! A delicious dinner was born.


Vegan, Gluten Free

1 Nori Sheet

A few thin slices of cucumber

1/2 a small organic carrot, thinly sliced

1 piece of a green onion (green part only)

A few thin slices of avocado

A few spoonfuls of brown rice

Touch of soy sauce for the rice (optional; use gluten-free soy sauce to make this recipe gluten-free)

Vegenaise (I use the grapeseed oil one from Follow Your Heart)

Touch of cayenne pepper


Chop your vegetables into very thin slices. Place the nori sheet onto a flat surface (I placed it on my wooden cutting board). Grab a bowl and mix the brown rice with a bit of soy sauce and spread a thin layer of brown  rice onto the nori sheet. You’ll want to leave room on both ends of the nori sheet so that you will have room to roll the sushi without any problems (do not add rice to the entire sheet – leave a bit of room on each side). Add the thinly sliced vegetables on top of the brown rice, which should be about 1/2 an inch away from the start of the nori sheet (try to add the vegetables on top of each other so that the roll isn’t too thick). I added rice, then cucumbers and green onion, and stacked the carrots and avocado on top. There should be about a 1/2 inch of room at the end of your nori sheet that you should wet with a little bit of water (this will help that piece stick to the sheet when you roll everything together). Roll the sheet, pressing firmly on the nori sheet and the vegetables. Let the roll sit for a few minutes before you cut it. Prepare the spicy mayo mix by combining about a tablespoon of vegenaise and a small dash of cayenne pepper. Cut the sushi and enjoy!


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