Organic Tempeh Wrap with Tahini Dressing


This may be the greatest tempeh wrap that I have ever made in my life – omg it’s so good! This wrap is bursting with flavor; between the homemade tahini dressing, the fresh hummus from the farmers’ market, and all of the fresh veggies in here, this is one yummy wrap! And, it’s so easy to make! This is definitely one of my new, favorite go-to wraps and hopefully it will be yours, too :).

A note about tempeh:

Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans. As with eating all soy, make sure that’s it’s organic and non-gmo. Tempeh is a powerhouse food because it’s not only packed protein, but it’s also a great source of iron, and a good source of calcium!



Organic tempeh

Organic whole wheat lavash

Organic romaine lettuce

Organic mixed greens

Organic tomatoes

Organic tahini

Organic, gluten-free, reduced sodium soy sauce

Organic hummus

Fresh lime juice

Minced garlic


Red onion slices

Jalapeno slices


Chili powder or smoked paprika or both!

Black pepper

Avocado slices (optional)


Slice the tempeh and marinade it in soy sauce, cumin, chili powder, and black pepper. Add water to a pan and wait for it to get hot then add the tempeh. Continue to add a bit of water to the pan so that the tempeh doesn’t stick. The tempeh will cook quickly. Taste it to make sure it’s seasoned according to your liking.

For the tahini:

Mix tahini with fresh lime juice, black pepper, and minced garlic.

Heat the lavash and add hummus, tomato slices, pickles, and red onion. Add the tempeh, jalapeno slices, romaine lettuce, avocado slices, and mixed greens. Drizzle the tahini sauce on top, roll the lavash, and enjoy!