Nigella Lawson Embraces Her Beautiful Body

Nigella Lawson Book

I know I always tell people to love their bodies, so I am always excited when someone knows how beautiful he/she is and is ready to share it with the world. Recently, Nigella Lawson, one of the chefs on ABC’s The Taste, told ABC that they were not allowed to airbrush her tummy in new promotional posters for her show. I am so proud of her for embracing her gorgeous curves and for reminding men and women that we do not need to be retouched to match an unrealistic expectation of beauty that society has drilled into our heads. Being curvy is just as beautiful as being thin; the important part is that we are healthy and that we take care of ourselves. There is no sense in beating ourselves up for our natural bodies, rather, we should follow in Nigella’s lead and be proud of what we have!

If you are having trouble loving your body, think of everything that it does for you. Stand in front of the mirror and say this affirmation daily, “I am beautiful.” Thank every part of your body for the role it plays in keeping you healthy and for allowing you to do all the things you love. If there is a part of your body that you are trying to change, be kind; love yourself  – all of yourself. Touch the parts of your body that you try to hide and say, “I love you.” Practice being your biggest supporter. In time you will see that you are beautiful.

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