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“As a 52 year old woman, I was finding it more and more challenging to get into shape.  I blamed my age, I blamed menopause, I blamed everything under the sun but the truth of the matter is, I needed to stop the blame game and do something different.  I originally met Christina at the YMCA, where she told me about her Wellness Coaching program.  As soon as we finished our first conversation, I know she would be the right person to get me back on track.  Christina not only shared her wealth of knowledge in food, nutrition and fitness, but she also made sure that I had a plan– a healthier lifestyle–that was in alignment with my needs.  She has a keen listening ear, and always came up with ideas and suggestions that worked for me. She even got me to try different foods that in the past I used to resist. I shed 13 pounds in 3 months!! And although our sessions have come to an end, the lifestyle change is forever! Anyone looking to incorporate a lifestyle change that works, needs to work with Christina, it’s the best gift you can give yourself!

Thank you Christina for keeping me accountable and most importantly, for all your loving support.” Lynne-Anne McGrail

Before working with Christina, I was addicted to sugar, junk, and fast food. I ate processed chocolate every day, I had milkshakes frequently, and I was always cravings sweets. I was exhausted, overweight, and had restless sleep because I was also consuming several cups of coffee a day. My joints ached, I wasn’t exercising, and I was depressed. After working with Christina, I started eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and I lost weight, limited my coffee consumption to just one cup a day, lowered my cholesterol, and now that I sleep better at night, I have tons of energy. I no longer eat fast food and I’ve embraced whole foods and prepare most of my meals at home. I walk, bike, and spend more time outdoors, which has made me much happier and given me more energy. I recommend her as a Health Coach to everyone who wants to heal, lose weight, and finally feel great. She is wonderful.” – A. K.

“I lost six pounds when I did Christina’s 15-Day Detox! More importantly, I felt like I was giving my system a reboot. I loved the smoothie recipes – I even made them for the family – gotta share the health! Everyone liked the flaxseed in them; they were a great way for me to get my boys to eat their greens. I noticed my nails had grown nicely for the first time in at least a year after the cleanse. I might need to do it again soon! ” – Josephine

Christina Tanios is not only friendly and approachable but also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and nutrition. She taught me which foods can help replenish and rebuild my body after exercise! I also have a sensitive stomach and the foods she recommended helped with stomach comfort. Celery smoothie all the way! Thanks Christina” – Jay.

“I reached out to Christina because I felt I was not getting everything I needed from my Vegan lifestyle. I was already pretty healthy in only eating whole foods and staying away from anything processed but somehow felt unhealthy. She immediately pinpointed what I was missing from one conversation. She gave me many tips on how to get the ‘extras’ I needed and in one month I felt an instant change. See I am an endurance athlete and I felt that there was something my body was not producing at the right speed to help me recover. She not only suggested all the right ingredients to add but respected that I wanted to stay 100% vegan and only take in whole foods as supplements. She is very kind and knows what she’s talking about. I can’t thank her enough for all the valuable information and her genuine interest in my well-being. I highly recommend her!” -Joyce L.

Christina is amazing! She has a holistic approach that helps you make sense of several different systems going on at once– wellness doesn’t have to be as confusing as all the conflicting media would have you believe! Christina knows how to be healthy for the sake of actual health, how to end calorie counting and carbo-phobia, and how to respect your body with the foods you put in it and the activities you engage in (like yoga!) I’m so happy to have Christina as a healthy influence in my life!” – Kelsey L.