A Course in Loving Yourself


I work with so many women who think that self-care is a luxury and self-love is out of reach. They’ll prioritize everyone else’s needs before their own and before long they’re completely burnt out and struggling to love themselves. I know this struggle all too well because I was doing this same thing for so long that it became the norm. I was exhausted, depleted, and kept showing up for everyone else except for myself. And then I made a vow to practice self-care so that I could learn to truly LOVE and appreciate myself. By making this shift to operate from a place of self-love, I was able to fill up my life with so much love and light that instead of constantly filling up everyone else’s cup while leaving mine empty, I filled my life with an amazing self-care routine, positive affirmations, kindness, and a true acceptance and appreciation of myself – and now I want to help you do the same!

It breaks my heart when I hear women say that they don’t feel as though they’re worthy of love and that they’re not deserving of the life that they dream of for themselves. If you feel this way, I want to tell you that you are absolutely worthy of love. You deserve to have a life that lights you up. You can let your light shine brightly. But you have to love yourself first. You can’t attract goodness, abundance, or the romantic love you deserve unless you learn to first love yourself – just as you are, right now.

And that’s why I’m offering “A Course in Loving Yourself” to just 10 women who are ready to make changes to their lives so that they can stop pleasing everyone else and start LOVING themselves wholly, fully, and beautifully. This course is for you if:

  • You are ready to LOVE yourself
  • You can make a commitment to prioritize self-care
  • You are ready to live your life with purpose
  • You are ready to stop making excuses for why you can’t take care of yourself
  • You are ready to show up for yourself

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are not ready to stop making excuses for why you can’t prioritize yourself
  • You would rather push through your feelings instead of diving deeply into them
  • It’s not worth it to you to discover how you can take care of yourself in the most beautiful ways
  • You are OKAY with putting yourself last
  • Self-love is not that important to you

The beauty in my life, the miracles that I attract, this all started when I learned how to embrace and love myself fully. To me, self-love truly is where the magic begins. I want to show you how you can love yourself so that you can let go of the hurt, anger, and frustration you feel. You are worthy of loving yourself. You deserve a life that’s full of love, beauty, and abundance – and you can have it – but you have to love yourself first.

Sign up for your FREE interview call with me to determine if this course is right for you – and hurry, because registration for this course closes on February 15, 2017. Take a moment to set your intention for this course and during our call you can tell me why you think this course is right for you. You’ll have a chance to ask me some questions, too. If we’re the right fit for each other, then welcome to “A Course in Loving Yourself.” I can’t wait to help you fill your life up with so much love. 



Be Grateful!


I’ve noticed that too many times in our lives, we miss all the good things that we have. Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting more for ourselves that we forget to appreciate what we do have. I know that we all have goals, plans, dreams, desires, etc., but we also have to live in the present moment. And the present is a special gift to be cherished. I want us to shift our patterns of operating from a place of lack and fear to acting from a place of love and abundance. We are always giving off energy. How amazing would it be to give off an energy of love? Of gratitude? Of warmth? Of constant thanksgiving? Of complete abundance? Think of the people you are attracted to; for me, I am drawn to people who smile; laugh; appreciate the good in their lives; help others; are genuinely kind; trust in God/a higher power/the universe. I like to surround myself with people who lift me up and love me just as I am. I want to be that person for everyone I know.

Wherever you are, if you are alive and breathing, if you are loved by at least one person, then you have much to be thankful for. I want you to take a break from worrying. Write your worries on a piece of paper. Look at them for one minute. And then rip them up. You are done worrying for the day. Now, make a gratitude list. Write, “I am thankful for…” and fill that list with whatever you are truly grateful for – friends, family, health, a warm bed, a roof over your head, comfortable clothing, a hot cup of soup, etc. Then say this affirmation: “We make magic constantly. Pause. Breathe. Notice. Praise. Repeat. You’ve come so, so, so far. Pour a cup of tea and brag to yourself. Truly, you’re a miracle creating the miraculous” – Kris Carr.

As Deepak Chopra and Oprah remind us in their amazing meditations, “I am my deepest desire”  – say this, daily. You are blessed, abundant, radiant, and gorgeous. Go be grateful. Greet strangers with a smile. Hug your loved ones. Dance. Laugh. Sing out loud. Wear red lipstick. Let your hair down. Let the wind touch your face. Be present. You are alive and you have so much to be grateful for. Namaste.

Can Creativity Make You Healthier?


Expressing your creativity may just be the health answer you’ve been looking for. Whether you are a dancer, singer, painter, poet, writer, drummer, guitar player, or pianist, taking time to be creative can make you healthier. Since there are plenty of ways to be creative, including blogging, gardening, making collages, acting, etc. find something you love that allows you to relax and be creative and do it! You will be amazed at how your mind and body will start to heal.

I often feel best when I write. For me, there are so many benefits to writing: I express how I truly feel, I tap into that part of me that makes me feel so happy, and I feel like I am telling my story. When I don’t write, the opposite happens. I become stressed, unhappy, and even anxious. If there’s one thing I can tell you with all sincerity is that you have to let that creative part of you shine so you can nurture yourself: mind, body, and spirit. There are no wrong answers with being creative – just do what you love!

I have been reading Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Mind Over Medicine where she lists several benefits to expressing yourself creativily. On page 114, she writes, “Health benefits of creative expression include improved sleep, better overall health, fewer doctor visits, less use of medication, and fewer vision problems. Creativity decreases symptoms of distress and improves quality of life for women with cancer; it strengthens positive feelings, alleviates distress, and helps clarify existential and spiritual issues; it lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, reduces anxiety, and improves mood, social functioning, and self-esteem.” She confirms what I have been feeling all along, which is that we must value our creativity and take time to nourish that part of ourselves. With so much credit being given to doctors, lawyers, and engineers, we often forget how important it is for us to tap into our inner artist, writer, musician, etc. and let that part of us out so we can heal and be happy. (By the way, I think artists, musicians, and writers are an invaluable part of our society! I owe so much to the brilliant authors and actors who make me laugh and to the singers who move me with their incredible voices. To all the amazing creative minds who encourage me to tune everything out and just write, I’ll always be grateful.)

I like to give my clients a journal. They can use this to write gratitude lists, keep track of how certain foods make them feel, and write about anything they want. I give them journals because I feel that my clients are on a journey and this is a great time for them to write about how they feel: their hopes, dreams, desires – I want them to know that they can all come true and that they should be proud of themselves for working with a Health Coach who believes in them. I always remind them that they can and should also do what they love and tap into that creative part of themselves. In this way, I watch them heal, relax, and release some of the stress that they carry around. You would be amazed how much of a weight is lifted when we sing, knit, dance, paint, write, etc. – the world suddenly becomes a better place and that stress, anxiety, and depression we may have been feeling finally melts away.

Dr. Lissa Rankin goes on to write, “The health benefits of creativity are incredible – that’s just how creative expression affects the individual! Creativity also affects your work life, your relationships, your sexuality, your spirituality, and your mental health […] Even seemingly unrelated benefits may arise as the result of expressing yourself creativity, such as improved fertility” (p. 115-116). I always feel that we all have a story to tell; a book inside of us or maybe even a short story that needs to be written and shared. Whatever is burning inside of you, let it out. The cost of keeping it inside could be your health. The benefit? Your mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical freedom – the start of finally being healthy and happy. Unlock your creativity. Pick up a pen, paint brush, or instrument and sing the song of your heart.

Is it time for you to work with a Health Coach? Prioritize your health and happiness and work with me! Schedule your free initial consultation and start living the life of your dreams. You will have my undivided attention as well as a unique, personal program that is customized for your needs. You’d be surprised how fun and freeing it can be to finally let yourself heal. Read more about my approach to wellness and health coaching here. Whatever you do, nourish yourself. Namaste.